Business Retirement Planning

As you may know, a well-chosen retirement plan can provide important benefits to your business or organization by:

  • Setting your business or organization apart when it comes to attracting and retaining high-quality employees
  • Giving you and your employees a simple and cost-effective way to save and invest for retirement
  • Providing a possible tax deduction for employer contributions to the plan.

If you already sponsor a retirement plan, now may be the time to consider an upgrade to a plan that may be more cost-effective and/or easier to administer.

Whether you offer a plan or not, we invite you to explore the services we can offier, such as :

  • Reviewing your existing plan and advising you about alternatives.  We can tell you about plans that may alleviate the burden of administration, potentially lowering your cost.
  • Helping you chose and implement an appropriate plan for your business organization.
  • Encouraging plan participation by providing your employees educational seminars on investing and asset allocation.